Sleep Tips: 4 short tips that will dramatically improve your sleep in the HEAT


4. Sleep Naked or almost naked: The less clothing the better as this will allow your body to loose heat.


3. Use Light-weight bed sheets and duvets: Max 4.5 tog duvet with light-weight duvet cover. Light sheets that do not trap warm air.


2.Use a pillow that stays cool: This will save you tossing and turning it every five minutes, which only serves to keep you awake. Natural fabrics work best but they must have outlets to allow warm air to escape. 



1. If your room is hot when you enter it to go to sleep, Simply take 10 minutes to prepare it for sleep.

A.Open the windows and doors for 10 minutes so that the warm air can escape.

B. Have a cool shower.Re-enter cooler room that is suitable for sleep.

C. Re-enter cooler room that is suitable for sleep.


Hope these tips help. Let me know what you think below in the comments.


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