5 simple tips that allow new mothers to combat sleep deprivation.

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New mothers get just 5.1 hours of sleep per night in their new-borns first year.

5 reasons that new mothers suffer with sleep deprivation and ways to combat it.


  1. Sleep deprivation often starts during pregnancy when your discomfort effects your ability to achieve a sustained level of sleep. Try sleeping with a bolster pillow. These are a lot longer than ordinary pillows and you can wrap it around your body so that it supports your bump and separates your legs. Most pregnant women achieve a much greater level of comfort when sleeping with one and therefore achieve a higher quality of sleep.


  1. Not able to sleep when you get the chance. This is usually caused by stress or racing thoughts. Try lying in bed and reading a book of your choice this is a great way to destress in the evening and get you ready to sleep. Try to take your mind off everything that is going on and rest while you have the chance.


  1. Share the responsibility. Set a sleep schedule with your partner that fits in with your following day’s activities. For example if your baby wakes between 9pm and 2 am it is his responsibility and if your baby wakes between 2am and 7am it’s yours. This may or may not fit in with both of your schedules but try to develop a similar sleep schedule that works for all three of you.


  1. Prepare for crying. A crying baby is the biggest cause of sleep deprivation in new mothers. Although you can’t prevent it you must be prepared for it when it happens. It’s all about preparation, you must have nappies, changing bags, milk, bottle, rocker all on standby during the night so that disruption can be kept to a minimum when your baby awakes. Often new mothers believe that they have to wake every time the new born cries in case your baby requires feeding. This is not the case, even if you are breast feeding, you should pump out enough milk before you go to sleep so that your partner can put it in a bottle and feed the baby when necessary.


  1. Nap when you get the chance. Most babies have unconventional sleep patterns and will sleep during the day at different times. It is important that you refill your own sleep bank during these times and not always use it as a chance to catch up on the house chores. Your sleep is vitally important and a lack of it will most defiantly put a strain on your happiness and your relationships with your loved ones including your new born baby. So take note of how much sleep you are getting and work at achieving 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep per day/night.

I hope you find the tips useful. Please leave any comment that you may have below.

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