How to prevent your baby developing flat head syndrome (4 quick tips)

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 A recent study has suggested that 47% of new born babies develop flat head or at least a flat spot on their head. Listed below are 4 tips that could help prevent your baby developing flat head. Following these tips could prevent a lot of expense and heart ache further down the line.

Give your baby time on their tummy during the day and encourage them to try new positions during play time.  


Switch your baby’s head position each night: Babies should always be put to sleep on their back at night. Slightly tilt there head to left one night and to the right the next night to avoid any area constantly being compressed.


Change the position of toys in their cot to encourage your baby to turn their head to the non-flattened side.


Place something soft and curved under their head: This supports the baby’s head as well as prevents the onset of flathead. The Quiesta baby's anti flat head pillow was designed for this exact use. 


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