12 tips that will help you get a good nights sleep before your wedding

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Your wedding day is one of the most important and happiest days of your life. It is also one of the most hectic and stressful. This stress will no doubt have a negative effect on your sleep pattern in the build up to your big day if you don’t create a routine that promotes sleep.
Having so much to do and stress about in the build up to your wedding can make you neglect sleep. Not having an adequate sleeping cycle in the build up to your wedding has the ability to destroy your big day. You will end up arriving at your wedding feeling tired and in bad form, this will spoil your special day as you will not be in the mood to speak to your guests and enjoy the event. As well as this all of the cameras will be on you and the last thing you need is to have large bags under your eyes in all of the wedding pictures. Not sleeping properly in the weeks building up to your wedding will cause this to happen and you will not look at your best in the wedding pictures that you will have to remember your special day for the rest of your life.
I do not want scare you but this is what will happen if you don’t take your sleep serious in the build up to your wedding. I want you to arrive at your big day feeling rejuvenated and in great form so that you are in the mood to speak to all your guests and enjoy the day. I also want you to look fabulous in all of your wedding pictures so that you can look at them in years to come and be proud of how good you look.
To help you achieve this I have put together a list of tips that anyone can do to ensure that you get the sleep that you require in the days building up to your wedding.

1. Unwind in the evening
Try to get all your tasks done at least two hours before sleep and write down any tasks that come into your head after that time to do the next day. Talking to friends and family is a good thing to do in this period. Light humour can also help you unwind. Reading or watching light humoured programmes on tv is great way to unwind in the evening.

2. Have a comfortable bed
If you do not look forward to lying down in bed change it…. try a new mattress, pillow, sheets etc. Change them for new ones with comfortable breathable fabrics. You should make your bed an oasis so that you drift away easily once you lie down and do not wake constantly during the night. If you suffer with allergys ensure that all your bedding is hypoallergenic.

3. Set a bed time and stick to it
Allow for 9 hours in bed so that you have 1 hour to get to sleep and 8 hours for sleep. Allowing 1 hour to get to sleep will allow you time to read light material such as a magazine and unwind before sleep. So for example if you have to be up at 7 am go to bed at 10 and sleep at 11.

4. Leave a note pad and pen beside your bed
This is important because often as soon as lie down in bed your mind starts thinking of things you need to do. What you should do is scribble these into your notepad and view them in the morning. Writing them down will help you to stop thinking about it and will also remind you in the morning or next day.

5. Remember to keep yourself hydrated during the day
So that there is no need for you to wake up at night to drink water, in case your body feels dehydrated because of all the stress and tiredness. Limit the amount you drink for 3 hours before you go to bed so that you do not need to repeatedly get out of bed to use the bathroom.

6. Don’t store your wedding stuff in your bedroom
You will no doubt have a wedding dress, bridesmaid outfits and other necessary stuff for your wedding at your house in the build up to your wedding so keep these in a separate room then your bedroom as this will only be reminding you of your wedding and everything that needs to be done at a time that you need to unwind and sleep.

7. Sleep wearing light clothing or naked
Letting your skin breathe in soft and light fabric materials ensures you have a pleasant sleep all night long. Hard clothing hinders your sleep by making you uncomfortable.

8. No caffeine after 4pm
Caffeine present in tea, coffee and some after-meal chocolates also hinders your sleeping pattern. And so, it must not be consumed after 4 pm in the evening.

9. Develop an exersize routine
Light exercises during the day, improves the body's metabolism and makes you tired which helps you sleep better. And what’s more, you move towards a slimmer, healthier and fresher lifestyle routine. Try and get 20 – 30 minutes of dedicated exercise per day. A brisk walk is great for building up a sweat.

10. Get outside during the day
Fresh air is important for brain clarity. It is also very important for your internal clock that you receive natural light each day. You should aim to spend a minimum of one hour a day outside if possible.

11. Dim the lights
With bright lights on, the brain gets a signal that it is daytime and hence, the release of the hormone melatonin that makes the body sleep, is suppressed. Use dim light in your bedroom before you sleep.

12. Sleep on a new pillow
Make sure that your head and neck is supported at all times when you sleep so that you sleep comfortably and do not develop a creek in your neck. Having a flat pillow can severely affect the quality of sleep that you achieve and leave you with a stiff neck when you wake. Buy a pillow like this pillow that allows you to test for 30 days and if you do not like it you can simply return it for a full refund. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quality-Dreams-Memory-Pillow-


If you only implement a couple of these tips listed above into your sleep cycle it will have a dramatic effect on the quality of sleep you achieve and this will allow you to have the wedding day/night of your dreams.

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