3 things that disturb your sleep Dramatically. Make sure to AVOID them if you want to sleep well.

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3. Trials have proven that inconsistent eating habits later in the day have a negative effect on sleep.  If you are used to having dinner later in the evening, that’s OK — as long as you stick with it, every day. If not, skip the unexpected dessert and hit the hay. Consistency is key.

2. Stress has an extremely volatile relationship with sleep. Having a heated debate within 3 hours of before bed time is one sure way to interrupt your sleep. Even after you manage to fall asleep, the sleep that you receive will be of a low quality due to all of the anxiety and tension that is occupying your brain.

1. Exercise is an extremely important part of a healthy sleep routine. Getting it right is crucial to your sleeping schedule. You should reduce the amount of exercise that you do for 3 hours before your bed time. A walk in the fresh air may clear your head before bed but it will certainly make it harder to achieve a high-quality night’s sleep due to the change of temperature and the fresh air filling you with energy.

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